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Organic Acid Descaler

  • Powerful concentrated formula
  • Viscous gel sticks to toilet bowl, urinal and pipe surfaces
  • Perfect for hard water areas
  • Swan neck reaches difficult places
  • Natural and safe to use on all washroom surfaces
  • Does not attack rubber seals
  • No sediment salts

Organic and inorganic scale quickly builds up on toilet bowls and urinals as well as inside pipes.

The buildup harbours the bacteria that cause that terrible washroom smell. Scale also reduces the flow through pipes ultimately blocking the drain.

This Organic Acid Descaler attacks scale on contact, rapidly breaking it down.

Regular use removes and prevents scale, leaving toilets smelling clean and helping to prevent blockages.

The effective way to manage scale and blockages in washrooms and pipes

How does it work?

An organic acid attacks the scale, whilst a natural surfactant helps to loosen and lift stubborn deposits.

All our products are totally non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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