Efficient cleaning

Clean kitchen?

Forget about dirty worktops

Sending fat or grease to the sewer can lead to a heavy fine or even prison.


Ecobug's Grease Degrader uses healthy bacteria to break down fats, oils and grease (FOGs) and kill bad bacteria.

Forget about blocked drains

- Gets rid of bad smells
- Less blockages
- Less plumbing cost
- Less rodents and infestations
- Less grease trap emptying costs
- Works with or without a grease trap


What about the worktops?

The Ecobug formula also comes as a multi-surface cleaner, killing salmonella, e.coli and other nasties, long after other cleaners have wiped away.

Clean washroom?

What is that terrible smell?

It stays with everyone who visits - that smell of human waste rotting on washroom surfaces. Most cleaning products try to hide it with perfume.

Ecobug's healthy bacteria
kill the bad bacteria
that make the smell

With Ecobug, a microfilm builds up, continuing to kill viruses and bacteria long after application.

Stop wasting water

With Ecobug in a urinal, there's no need to flush.
This can save £300 per urinal per year in water!
30kg of carbon would have been created to purify this much water.


Forget about blocked drains

Ecobug feasts on grease and urine scale, keeping drains cleaner and reducing blockages.

All our products are totally non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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