Clean washrooms

Washroom & Floor Cleaner

• Sparkling surfaces
• Lifts fat, dirt & stains
• Kills bacteria
• Keeps on smelling great!
• No need to rinse

This makes cleaning easier!

Super-powerful Washroom and Floor Cleaner penetrates cracks and porous surfaces to finish the job properly. It stays keeps on working as a bio-film, long after application. The cleaning action breaks down uric and limescale, helping keep drains clear.
None of this is possible with traditional chemical cleaners.

It stays with everyone who visits... the smell of human waste rotting on washroom surfaces.

Most cleaning products try to hide it with perfume

The healthy bacteria feed and multiply on the bad bacteria, which magnifies the cleaning effect and makes it continue long after application.

High Performance
Washroom Cleaner

A similar product to Washroom and Floor Cleaner - but tuned to work perfectly with Ecobug Extra Strong Urinal Caps

urinal cap

They go a long, long way...

The 5 litre Washroom and Floor Cleaner concentrate dilutes to refill a 1L trigger spray 250 times. A stronger mix is needed for toilets and sinks.

The 1 litre High Performance Washroom Cleaner concentrate doser can fill a trigger spray bottle over 100 times, depending on the level of soiling.


All our products are totally non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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