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Hold your nose and think of England


Once, we just held our noses, but today, that's not good enough. The gent's urinal gurgled all night, washing poisonous bleach down the drain with perfectly good drinking water. The eco-solution was the weak alternative. But things have changed...


Quality is just as vital in the toilets

They say that a restaurant is best judged on its toilets! But every organisation is judged on its facilities, by customers, clients, employees, investors.

The smell comes from bacteria on surfaces all around. Traditionally cleaned with bleach or bacterial cleaner, we wash that away with water. The bacteria return in hours. The poisonous bleach has to be removed from the water by the authority.


Good bacteria eliminate bad bacteria

ecobug® products use a particular strain of natuarally occurring good bacteria, to fight the bad or infectious bacteria that create the smell. No nasty chemicals.

We're not masking nasty smells with nastier perfume. We're actually getting rid of the cause of the smell.


Just keep on cleaning!

The good bacteria multiply on surfaces and walls of pipes, continuing their job long after bleach would have washed away.




Save water, save money - up to 98%

ecobug® doesn't need much water to carry on doing its job.
The average urinal, flushes 3 litres of water every 15 minutes. With an ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Cap, it now needs ONE CUP of water a day. This also keep the smelling clean and hygenic, and helps prevent blocked drains.


Time for a change?

Think what's going up your nose next time you pay a visit!

When the benefits are this clear and easy, why wait?
Get in touch to show a cost-saving, sustainable difference to your team.


No More Blockages

Whether it's a frequent flush, restricted, or waterless system, without using an ecobug® bacteria based cleaner, the results will always be the same - blockages and bad smells.

This is because the uric acid and bacteria in urine inevitably form a deposit of solids in drainpipes that occur with or without water.

The naturally occurring, good bacteria in ecobug® urinal caps break down these solids into a semi-emulsion which is washed away by a nearly waterless system. ecobug® effectively removes the blockages and bad smells but with just one flush every 12 hours.

Not only can you save 98% on water and cut costs, but there is no need for costly servicing and replacements that are a frequent occurence in washrooms using traditional cleaning products or waterless systems.

Washroom Poster

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ecobug® High Performance Washroom Cleaner

Concentrated or in a ready-to-use hnd spray, this effective cleaner smells great and is specifically designed to work with ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps and these Cubes.

Extra strong urinal caps

ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps

For the same effective water-saving performance, with a smart, professional impression, try ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps.

Extra strong urinal caps

ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Cubes

For washrooms where presentation is less important, an economy solution with the same effective water-saving performance, ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Cubes.

eco-mighty range

ecobug® Water-Saving Flush Timer

These Urinal Cubes only need one flush each day. To make this water saving, you'll need this Flush Timer.

  • The average urinal uses 105,000 litres a year - about £315

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