The squeaky-clean sustainable kitchen


A fourth generation, family-run company, Ecobug have spent 25 years harnessing naturally occurring bacteria that digest fat, grease and scale. Our happiness guarantee says it all!


No more smells

Ecobug good bacteria eradicate bad bacteria, responsbile for nasty smells in the kitchen. Unlike traditional cleaning chemicals that get washed away on application, ecobug bacteria continue to develop and carry on doing the job.

Our No More Smelly Bins product, originally developed for landfill sites, stops waste smells from offending staff and customers, inside and outside.


Say goodbye to the grease trap forever

Anyone who has run a kitchen, faced blocked drains or grease trap nightmares, will welcome the practical, effective and cost-saving benefits of Ecobug.

ecobug® GDII performs with or without an existing grease trap, saving the cost of maintenance and clear-out. Forget the grease trap maintenance with our new grease degrader, GDII.

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Preventing grease from reaching the drains is a legal requirement in the UK and commercial kitchens of any size can now be heavily fined if they don't comply.

Download PDF : Building Regulations 2000 Drainage and Wastage Disposal H - see 2.21


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Ecobug GDII No more bloackages guaranteed

ecobug® GDII Grease Degrading System

A new and innovative smart dosing system to tackle fat, oils and grease, and keep drains clear...

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ecobug® Watermelon-Fresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner

An eco-cleaning sensation for floors and walls... Powerful, concentrated, sustainable and goes a long, long way

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